For puppies 6 months and younger at the start of class. Bringing home a puppy is incredibly exciting and often challenging! By training foundational behaviors, you begin to establish a positive and trusting relationship. Additionally, you will learn positive management skills for typical puppy behaviors like mouthing, jumping, and how to work on housetraining. The online, live format, is ideal for keeping distractions to a minimum. Groups are kept small so everyone gets some individualized attention.

For dogs 6 months and older at the start of class. Yes, old dogs CAN learn new “tricks!” And they will, together with you, have a fun time doing so in this class. For older puppies and adult dogs of any age. The online, live format, is ideal for keeping distractions to a minimum. Groups are kept small so everyone gets some individualized attention. This is a 4-week class that helps you level up. It’s never too late!

For dogs of any age who want to learn additional skills like leash walking, fun and enriching games, and advanced mat work! The offerings change seasonally, so check back often! (Please note: Virtual Puppy or Virtual Dog School is a prerequisite for these classes.)

Private Training is ideal for highly dedicated dog guardians who have specific goals to accomplish, whether it’s basic manners and foundational behaviors for a newly adopted dog or puppy, or a behavior that is problematic, we’re here to set you onto a path of training success. Dog pulling on leash? Barking and lunging? Jumping up on people? Not coming when called? For these issues and many more, we’re here to help. We will help you understand your dog’s emotions and learning that drive the behaviors, and how to change or manage those behaviors in a kind and compassionate way.


For dogs 4 months and older, puppies and adults (vaccinations required). Calling all dogs who need a fun and positive class to learn good manners and more! This class goes beyond “basic manners,” giving you and your dog a chance to get to know each other better, communicate and understand each other more effectively, and build a solid repertoire of foundational behaviors rooted in trust. Our always gentle methods guarantee that training and learning will be a great experience for dogs and their people. This is a great class for puppies and dogs who are new to a home, or any adult dog who missed out on puppy school. You’ll be amazed how much everyone can learn. Level up and have a happy relationship with your canine companion!

Join us in-person for 4 weeks, 60 minutes each class. Classes are hosted by the Pet Wants Arvada at 7674 Grandview Ave #100, Arvada CO, 80002.

COMING SOON! For dogs 4 months and older (as long as they’ve had 3 rounds of puppy shots and first rabies vaccine). Each week, we will learn and practice different skills in a small group (up to 8 participants). Leash walking skills, coming when called, focused and calm behavior around distractions, leave it, drop it, watch me, fun tricks, games, etc. Any skill level is welcome, our trainers will help you progress from wherever you are. Learn new skills, fine-tune others, proof skills to distractions, and keep your excellent skills sharp! This is always a fun and positive time to bond with your dog.

PLEASE NOTE: your dog must be comfortable working around other dogs. For safety reasons, we don’t allow dogs to meet during our session (on-leash meetings are difficult for many dogs). If your dog prefers to keep a small distance away from other dogs (needs at least 6ft), we provide a yellow bandana for them to wear during class. Respect other dogs’ bubbles, especially if they are wearing a yellow bandana – give them at least 6 ft of space. One dog per handler. You are responsible for your dog’s safety. All park rules must be obeyed, including the leash law. Help us be good stewards of this public space that we have special permission to use.

Join us in person, every Saturday at Berkeley Park in NW Denver (meet just west of tennis courts). Ongoing, weather permitting, weekly drop-in training sessions. You must register in advance.