Our training builds trust

When it comes to behavior, your relationship with your dog matters.


We help people and their dogs be happy together.

Whether you’ve got a brand new puppy who needs foundational skills, or you find yourself struggling with the behavior of an older companion, we’re here to help.

Private Training Sessions

Online or in-person, 1-on-1 attention to help you and your dog(s) of any age. Build a solid foundation with a new dog, train a puppy on the important basics, or address ongoing behavior issues like distraction, pulling on leash, excessive barking, and many others. All while you and your dog have a blast!

Virtual Puppy and Dog Schools

Learn all the basics in a small group. Online live video classes without the distractions of a new training room and exciting classmates. Begin your training journey, building trust together in a fun and supportive way!

Train & Transfer

A powerful training option for busy guardians. Let an experienced trainer lay the groundwork for new skills with your dog, while still enjoying 1-on-1 attention during transfer sessions so you stay in the loop.

Training with us is a positive experience.

Our trust-focused, scientific evidence-based training exclusively utilizes positive reinforcement (R+) and force-free methods. But it is so much more than that!

During our training process, we are acutely aware of the health of the human-canine bond. We teach effective communication between the two species, and emphasize the overall wellbeing and safety of both dog and guardian.

Patient with Dog and Humans

Bettina was really comfortable around our dog and was immediately able to gain his trust and attention. […] She gave us good tips for training and was patient with our dog and his humans!

Robin Haller & Axl

Happier Car Rides

[…] she taught us in a way that built from where we were in a slow steady progression so that neither me nor my dog ever got frustrated.[…] Car rides used to be a struggle but not anymore!

Heather Laing & Chloe


[…] Her approach is so dog-friendly and “dog-logical”, and she was so patient with me (the real one being trained!). […]

Beth Wampler & Enzo