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Virtual Dog and Puppy School

Ready, set, TRUST! Do you have a puppy or adult dog who is new to you or who you have not trained before? Or maybe previous training was not satisfactory? Need a refresher? Begin building (or re-building!) your relationship now. Virtual Dog School will teach you how to:

  • communicate your expectations to your dog clearly
  • understand your dog’s level of comfort in the world
  • train foundational behaviors
  • deal with normal behaviors like chewing, jumping, and digging in a healthy way
  • play fun, safe, and engaging games together
  • nip behavior issues in the bud
  • support your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

Classes are online, LIVE (aka synchronous), and you’ll receive a link to the recording of each class that you can rewatch for 30 days after the class! In addition, you will also receive class notes in PDF format with all of the class exercises explained step-by-step.